Tentudía Commonwealth

Tentudía Commonwealth, comprises a total of eleven locations, Bienvenida, Bodonal de la Sierra, Caveza la Vaca, Calera de León, Fuente de Cantos, Fuentes de Leon, Monesterio, Montemolín, Pallares, Santa Maria de Nava and Segura de Leon. It is about the name of the hill "Tentudía" a name taken from a legend. According to it on this hill, in the thirteenth century, there was a close battle between the knights of the Order of Santiago, with the Master Pelayo Perez Correa, and Muslims. "In these were Pérez Correa when besieged by Muslims were major battle in the big woods. It was almost a Christian subdue the Saracens, but the sun was and that endangered the victory, it was assumed that night serve to shelter those who were now about to be subjected. kneel on the ground and prayed to the Virgin: - Santa María, detén tu día- (- Santa Maria, stop your day-). By the intercession of the Mother of God, the sun stood still in the horizon and the leader had time to finish the race. "[1] was the first joint board created in Extremadura. It was created on 23 July 1976, then published in the Gazette of Royal Decree 1964/1976, which was constituted Tentudía Tourist Commonwealth. Initially, the rationale for the creation of the Commonwealth was merely tourists. Frame then the main objective of promoting tourism in the area, taking aim to combine the efforts and purchasing pools to corporations to better fulfill the specific purpose of promoting tourism. One of the first and most important actions undertaken since the Commonwealth was the construction of a dam on the river Bodión, Tentudía reservoir to supply water and all the district towns. The works of this reservoir were completed in 1985. In 1989, amending the statutes of the Commonwealth, and becomes a Commonwealth Services, providing various resources to the people and inhabitants of the region. Then acquires the name "Mancomunidad Turística y de Servicios de Tentudía", ("Commonwealth Tourism and Services Tentudía").

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